Base bike for this project is a 1979 Honda CB750K, since this is my first bike built
I call this one “EGO”. Trying to make it simple as possible, like turn signals are almost not visible by using bullet type Kellerman lights helped to make it look clean. I also used Kellerman for the tail and brake light. I cut the tail end and made it shorter and welded a u-bend for the cowl. I made a wooden tail cowl I using Acacia wood, stained to make it a ‘lil darker and polished with natural wax. I engraved to fit half of the tail light on it.
To match the cowl I used brown retro translucent “Slim” barrel style grips and a piece of wood on the triple tree, this is also to cover the holes of the handle bar mounts.
I did a lot of work in the front because I changed the fork to CBR400RR fork, I wanted to have thicker fork because I find the stock one is bit thin. So I have to change the stem and have it machined I also want to keep the original caliper disk so another machine shop work needed for the brake caliper mount.
Basically I stripped the whole bike down to zero, stripped the whole paint and re powder coated again to black and painted over deep black then clear coat. The tank is also painted in deep black with two white stripes showing the contour of the tank, then several coats of clear coat. Headlight is black 5-3/4″ bottom mount.
I admire simple and clean Japanese lines, that’s my inspiration for this.
To make the wiring simple I used Motogadget m-unit for the electrical system and changed all the wires completely.
The bike was in good running condition when I got it so nothing much to do with the engine, except some minor repairs like starter motor, changed clutch disks and springs. Cleaning and tuning of the carburetors. I tried to cleaned the whole engine and make it shinny. A small side bag waxed canvas on the side as my small tool kit bag. Thanks