This was my first bike build. I started by cutting the frame shorter and removing 10 inches from the rear fender. the fender supports were hand cut with a jig saw. The taillight (from a model A) was fitted into a hand made “rudder” to look like the tail section from a B17 bomber. The switch box under the gas tank used to control the recognition lights on a real B17 bomber, now it is a Mad Max style killswitch, The bike will only start when all 4 switches are in the correct position. the handle bar ends are fitted with red and green “aircraft position” lights, and all of the electronics and battery are fitted into a heavily modified ammo box and easily accessible by opening the side using the original ammo box latch. All visible wires coming from the bomb shaped turn signals are sheathed with army green paracord, giving them a vintage “cloth wrapped” look.