Description of Bima Artwork
This work is a form of resistance from the current situation, related to the pandemic covid 19. I see this event is not just a physical attack, but especially against mental and psychological. this situation becomes very difficult, because it impacts on the global economy. this incident was really unexpected. Understanding the situation, I was inspired to visualize a work by carrying out the idea of ​​a superhero that is used as a fighting spirit in this condition.
superhero taken in Hindu mythology, known as the figure of Bima. I visualize Bima as a representation of people’s desire for a superhero who is able to fight covid 19. Bima’s figure is known for his muscular body and has the power to never give up, in his life he always met with a difficult situation, but all can be dealt with with confidence and patience. that is the source of his strength. So that in the design, this motorbike is visualized by its muscular stature which emphasizes the muscles that are in line with the Bima concept
Furthermore, what distinguishes this work is a painting that tells the story of the strength of BIMA, namely the symbol of the hand against and the giant symbol as his wife with the intention of the struggle not only to be done alone but there must be someone else or people closest, namely us together, who support the struggle this to be better in the future. This work also aims to live the fire of the Milky within to be able to go through situations that stir the world.