Project started to take shapes in 2016. On paper. Because it was really hard to start work without a vision. For those who don’t know the K1200RS and “what’s the big deal, just a bigger K100 bike” I got few things to thought thru. Monolithic aluminum frame, telelever suspension, electric wiring straight from NASA and visually-heavy brick in presence of 1200 oil-water cooled engine.
Then it was time to materialize all those thoughts. Steel sheet 0.8mm thick was used to build tank with integrated tail. It was my first tank made from scratch so I guess the integration was meant to made things more complicated. To build such a structure I’ve made a tank frame from 4mm steel rods. This process was painful and I’ve learned a lot. Sealing the tank with welds took several attempts and tests with welding chemistry. Tank itself carries function of base structure, seat, electric case and air intake for massive car origin K&N filter. It also got external car fuel pump to sufficiently satisfy engine need for petrol. On the same basics there were made telelever covers which got only one task. Transfer the weight of the design to front and add to the aggressive stance of a bike. Parallel to those tasks I’ve stated to work on a 3D projects of a parts needed to make a kidney. This controversial feature is a distinctive part of the whole bike and it is designed to carry a light and water radiator. It was carved night and day by a CNC router machine from 27kg (!) mono-block to end up as a 6 kg heavy statement. I’ve also designed and laser cut (the logo) upper telelever triple clamp and handlebars.
Budget of the bike was solid so I’ve manage to equip it with a top notch components like Continental Sport Attack 2 tires, CNC elements, SC-Project exhaust and all the Motogadget goodies. Ok, I’m an IT guy but it’s far from being an electrician guy and when I saw a pile of cables in that BMW I’ve struggle. Nevertheless I’ve manage to convert all the electronics and adapt this bike with M-unit blue (Bluetooth mobile connection), M-lock, M-button, Break Out Box B, Motoscope Pro. It’s a joy to work with those components even on such a complicated fairly modern bike. To addition bike was equipped with Magura master cylinders and steel braided links to work without ABS system.
Three years later since I’ve started this venture I’ve manage to get things straight with the design and paint it with classic BMW palette Silverstone Gray and add blue and yellow accents. This futuristic connection between iconic colors of WWII fighter plane Mustang P-51D with luxurious and sportiness of BMW brand might shock many people. I should paint it like a Messerschmitt BF-109 not like a Yankee legend.
Well not this time.
This bike is a mirror of my passion and what I’ve learned to call “iconic” as a kid. This is what I love in motorization and resemble well my life to this day. That’s why I daily drive iconic BMW E39 and in my wall there is a paper model of Mustang P 51D made when I was 16 year old.