Original pencil drawing by Lou Sprockett:
“This good-looking Triumph Bonneville T100 is one of those understated bikes. Customized and edited with a careful eye, this is a bike that’s well-loved, but ridden, like a Triumph’s meant to be.

I know this bike, thought I was familiar with it, but once we parked up on the waterfront and started photographing this bike, I realized what a beautiful job the owner’s done. It’s got a quiet style to it, doesn’t scream ‘look at me’ but when you spend a moment with it you kinda want to take it home!

The black tank without the badge makes the lines of this bike stronger and it just begged to become a long landscape drawing. Balancing the dominance of the black with the reflections of the historic waterfront took time, it’s a busy image, but I think I brought something of this bike’s beauty to life on the paper.”

HB and 2B pencil on heavyweight archival Atlantis Heritage Drawing paper and fixed to preserve and prevent smudging with Daler-Rowney Colorless fixative.

41.1cm x 14.7cm