I built the V4 street tracker as a scale model of my current Honda SLR650 build (not planning on extra 3 cylinders, it’s just a styling exercise).
I will certainly build a V4 bike in the future, but that project has to wait on the list.

And the BMW was my lockdown COVID-19 build. I have been at home for around 47 days now, and not being able to go to my workshop has almost driven me crazy.
Spain is having big trouble with this pandemic… So luckily I had the motorcycles.
I really enjoyed the creativity LEGO allows, passing many hours mastering the bike.
I imposed myself the hardest challenge: using absolutely all the pieces in the set and no others, and still make it look cool.
If I had to choose just one thing that lead me into ingeneering and building custom motorcycles, it would definitely be LEGOs.