Hello, my name is Radite Octavanka, I’m from Indonesia. I’m gonna describe a little about my artwork.

This Motorcycle Artwork design Basic using from Royal Enfield 350 engine, and make it into Boardtracker style. the Greedy name I use in this bike because I think I put many things on these motorcycle into one as you can see in these picture, so I think that was kinda greedy things, that’s how I got the name.

Frame going to be fully aluminum handmade and polish finished except front and rear engine plates. Custom gas tank with 2 gas indicators, electronics box, and skid cover under the engine, all of these going to be painted with black candy and silver polish on each stripe. custom handlebar, customized suspension styles on the front and rear using some link. underbone footstep, front going to be brakeless and rear using 2 calipers, with 21-inch wheels both and sleek tires. freeflow exhaust, Old style leather seat, and for the wires is going to be inside some copper pipes.