Every nook and cranny has been either modified or fabricated (build sheet below). One of my signature customizations is to incorporate a hobo coin, which on this build is a hand-engraved 1943 Liberty half dollar on the steering stem, portraying a motorcycle ice racer on a frozen mountain lake. The frame was modified to accommodate the conversion from a dual shock suspension to a mono shock as well as extending the swing arm. The handlebars were tightened to create a slimmer fit along with fabricated steering brackets for the triple tree. Hours of hand metal-shaping went into creating the seat pan, cowl and frame. Studs were added to the tires. The handle grips and valve stems were made from epoxy resin that mimicked the look of ice. The motor was restored and the frame, swing arm and handlebars were chromed. There are elements of ice on every place on the bike. The triangular headlight, moonstone inlaid grips ends and pegs, handlebar levers, even the diamond pattern stitching on the seat all combine to create the appropriately named “Ice Pick”.