The bike was imagined to be built without any needs to cut the stock frame. Thus the rear long subframe will be utilised as a rack to carry riders’ belongings. The fuel tank will be relocated at the centre of the bike under the bodywork. the 70s digger style and chopper bicycle inspired bodywork will also hides all the electrical components and oil tank under it. There will be a hinge up front making for easy access for everything under the bodywork. Front headlamp used a nacelle head design for more of that chopper feel, the same reason for the white walled tires. Stock but lowered suspension in the front and rear to get that low cruising stance. Taller handlebar fitted to complete the relaxed riding position. For more highlight and to catch more attention to cause more stir, bright yellow colour is used, plus the Mooneyes logo just because it’ll make people talk more about it. Chrome, black and off white colour are carefully arranged throughout the bike to complement each other.