We cant talk about my mechanical skills in this picture – assuming it will run, but the concept of converting the rear shocks into a “bi-post” twin center rear swing arm shock ensures compliance with AHRMA racing regulations to have, “two rear shocks.” Two Öhlins can be used as they were available at the time of the early 70’s racing, plus I’m getting fat and need the extra support. In addition, the belly pan exhaust manifold ensures a clean line to the bike and a hot right foot on cold days. The overall origami-like monocoque body work concept picks up cues from early to mid-seventies Italian exotic car, motorbike design and men; aggressive, macho with dodgy performance and questionable aerodynamics. This design represents the Laverda engineers in 1973 imagining what the future will look like and then injecting it with up to date components, electronics, LED lighting and (maybe) a supercharger…(not in AHRMA regulations.) It will have a twin vertical stacked headlight configuration out front and integrated safety lighting integrated into the surfaces. The integrated seat and custom rear cowl unit will rotate up together on hinge connection to the endurance quick fill tank, to reveal the battery and under seat electronics tray. This bike is a mash-up of Japanese robot styling with Italian bravado and new technology. It’s the Ron Burgundy of retro-racers – its brash, overconfident and nonsensical with a mustache and it stands a real chance of getting built,. Screw it, I might just install a cigarette lighter on it as well, to smoke while you race. The build will force me to get out on the track and learn some real skills, while I wear tight leather pants on a bike that will twist and crush my manballs for hours. I’m used to that at home anyway, but the wifey will also enjoy me being out of her hair after this Covid lockdown. Frankly, I like building shit, hot rods, going fast and designing things and then I like to drink beer with friends. Seems like a good idea to do them all together at once. It all starts with an idea.