Once we got our hands on the donor motorcycle and took off all the plastic, we discovered how much work needed to be done. Despite the evident engine placement and design issues, we had to rework a completely new frame and subframe, as well as build a new tank and change its position as well.
We created a hardtail motorcycle out of a mono-shock soft tail – which is an impressive feat! Finally, we also created several new parts, covers and a tank in aluminium.
We decided to design a two-seater concept, so the motorcycle is not only looking beautifully crafted, but it’s also comfortable, functional and practical for long term daily use. In addition to this, we added side bags for longer rides and comfortable handle bars, which creates a unique riding experience.
This full transformation required a very close look at not only the general concept, but also to the smallest of details, which we take great pride in. (Tacho, custom handle bar, light position etc…)