I built the bike as a rat rod design. Nicknamed “Wingin It” or “Oldwing”. The bike is based on a stock 1982 goldwing frame with a 13 inch frame extension to incorporate the drop seat design. All original triple trees, rear swingarm, engine mounts, tank shell and handlebar mounting locations were used. The rear suspension is leaf spring with the stock swingarm. I had to engineer the reverse-hung-shackle-hangers for the leafs in order for it to work because I had no real estate to mount the leafs on the top side of the swingarm. The custom air ride front springer suspension was also built from scratch. I had to make sure the bike would track straight and wouldn’t give me any goofy feedback from the road through the bars. Which of course is dangerous at speed. I reverse engineered the springer angle calculations from the ground up and the top down at the same time. The resting state of the bike is of course on the frame but I needed to find out what the ride height would be and manufacture the parts to the springer to the “original” stock neck tube angle and triple trees. The air suspension is of course just Monroe air shocks. The 23inch tire, frame extension and Springer make it close to 2 feet longer than stock. The frame extension if I remember correctly is 13-1/4inchs long or in other words 1 Honda Goldwing driveshaft in length. With some light machining one Goldwing driveshaft fits perfectly into another! Go figure. A pillow block keeps everything straight and running true. Other notable details include; custom straight pipe exhaust, hypercharger intake through the top of the tank shell, vintage bottle coolant reservoir, vintage hockey goalie pad seat, suicide shift, beach bars with all handmade switchpods, and flashlight tail light housing. I carved out an old used motorcycle tire and used it as a rear fender for some style. 3/8 drive sockets house the signal lights on the rear and the connecting rods out of a chevy in the front. I left the timing belt cover off out front to show off the internals while the engine is running.
I tried to build a bike that didnt drain the budget but would also turns heads. As I think it does everywhere I go. I have $6500Cad I to the bike as it sits. A few more mods will come in the furture like a rework of the braking system by adding discs to the front. And maybe go through the engine and the current air system. I’ve also had a wild idea of adding a hybrid electric system or running the engine from a hydrogen fuel cell. Why? Just Because!