This is entirely handmade bicycle-motorcycle Sachs “Phantom” 1913 with Fichtel & Sachs engine, 120cc, 2,5 horsepower. We completely invented the design of this motorcycle, and the idea was to look like the motorcycles around 1913. It is driven by a leather lanyard and it has tires 26×2.35. The bicycle-motorcycle has a carbid lampe “Nirona”. the horn is a condor with original rubber continental. The brakes are based on lever systems. The “Phantom” has many specific details, most of which are made of brass. When we made the frame, we made the welds with silver solder to make it exactly like it was from the era.The engine we used was stationary, but we redesigned it to fit the look of our bike.
We put a lot of techniques and methods for making all the details, we made castings from brass and aluminum, one of our inspirers for this project was the great Billy Lane.
You can follow the process of making our site:
There is an opportunity to drive it both as a bicycle, and as a motorcycle.