I was inspired by Revival Cycle’s J63 blueprint for my SR250 Neo Racer drawing, and the exploded motor comes from a Japanese artist I can’t find again…hope somebody does to give him credit.
Then Daniel Berdiel did his magic, he first tattooed the motorcycle, with even a micro YAMAHA on the crankshaft, and I knew I needed more, his work is simply amazing. We then came up with the exploded engine surfing the net, and the idea was to finish my right arm. But when I went to the studio to get it done, he said he had gone “a little crazy”… he had photoshopped the print like double the original idea of size, to what it ended up looking like. I instantly fell in love with how it looked, so he did it. His attention to detail is just outstanding, exactly how I like to be with my bikes … If you don’t know him, you should check him out!! I will soon get another art piece by him, that’s for sure!!