– Custom fuel tank made from a 50ltr Tooheys beer key. Boost and air fuel ratio gauges are built
into the tank. It also feature a external fuel level sight glass.
– Custom seat assembly and head light cowl made from stainless cooking woks which were a
great shape to build off. A modified stainless kitchen down light housing with high low beam
lights the way, and a custom windshield was made from perspex.
– The SC14 Supercharger originated from a Toyota 6 cylinder 2ltr car and boosts the engine to
30psi. A custom gilmer pulley system, tensioner and belt had to be fabricated.
– 350 chev (V8) electric stater drives an idler shaft and custom gilmer drive belt system also.
– Custom Supercharger and Electric start drive belt covers were made.
– Custom Inlet manifolds and boost burst plate manufactured
– Harley super e carburettor heavily modified
– Custom stainless 1 3/4 exhaust and reverse cone muffler
– Ducati 748 battery hidden under the rear swing arm to power the chev starter motor
– TT350 alloy rear swing arm modified to accept twin spring rear suspension
– TZ350 4 leading shoe front brake with borrani rim
– XS1100 front forks and triple trees
– CB360 2 leading shoe front brake plate adapted to a Suzuki GT rear wheel with borrani rim
– CBR900 pegs and foot controls mounted to custom bolt on frame mounts.

Just about everything on this bike except the frame is custom and bolt on. My goal was to build a bike that “if needed” could converted back to original. The bike is very lively and great fun to ride.