I’ve always been drawn to the mechanical aesthetic of motorcycle parts and began building functional art out of old moto and bicycle parts. I had the idea to use a motorcycle throttle to actuate the lamp mechanism and thought it would be a fun project. It took a couple iterations to make it work well. A 90 degree throttle assembly was used so the cable would run parallel to the lamp shaft. The lamp mechanism works better when the pull cord is pulled 90 degrees to the body so I turned a piece of delrin plastic down on my lathe to use as a pulley. Another delrin piece joins the pull chain to the cable. A throttle has to snap back to give that nice, crisp feel so I worked in a spring to return the mechanism. This one uses an old Yamaha engine side case as the base. The lamp shaft is mounted through the kick start bore. Clutch plates were welded to the lamp shaft to form a sphere for some added flair. Definitely a conversation starter piece!