If you’ve ever needed that final bit of inspiration to own a custom bike of your own, cruise in the pack of incredible machines at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride on a stock bike. You’ll still feel all of the fun, comradery and exhilaration, but it’ll kick off a desire that simply can’t be ignored. For Dan Scott that feeling hit hard when participating in the 2019 ride on his Street Triple, and he knew not only would he return on a custom, but one that he’d personally designed and built. On the hunt for a suitable donor for the project, a clever owner of a stock BMW K100 placed in their ad a picture of what a tricked out example could look like, Dan was sold and the birth of ‘Audrey’ began.

The K bike had done a bunch of kilometres, but that’s always what BMW intended them for, so it was still in very good condition. But Dan didn’t just use that as an excuse to move straight to the aesthetics, this motorcycle has been rebuilt to a level of detail that would require a book to properly describe. So to keep his eye on the prize, “My wife photoshopped up an image of the finished design which I printed and hung in the garage to ensure that the build stayed on track!” Dan explains. With his wife’s support, his best mate Jason joining him in the garage, and a detailed plan drawn up, it was time to get down to business.

Starting with the engine, the head came off for an overhaul and the surface skimmed, with new seals added, the valves ground and the ports tidied up. The cooling and oil systems were both rebuilt, with an R6 fan added for improved cooling and a trick overflow tank from Rescycles. The induction setup gets everything from new injectors and plugs to a completely modified inlet tract that brilliantly mounts a pod filter neatly behind the engine. While the exhaust is a collection of the lad’s elbow grease, a sweet collector, a Comp Werkes end can from Jason’s old CBR600 and the welding genius of Noel at Pipework Technologies.

The transmission, clutch, and shaft drive were all either rebuilt or replaced and then like the engine finished to perfection, for a driveline that looks as good as it runs. Now, attention could be turned to the frame it all calls home and like everything else on the build, it was stripped back to its bare bones. With the metal blasted it was over to Leo at Ellaspede who added a stainless seat mount, notched out the new rear frame hoop and added new mounts so that the tank/seat combo could be fitted perfectly. To finish it off, Dan had Paul at Black Diamond Powder coating in Nerang finish it off in a mix of high gloss and satin black.

Time to get things rolling, and with the use of an All Balls bearing kit and a little machine work, the triple clamps from a 2008 Yamaha R1 fit precisely into the frame. These have been smoothed out and refinished before the rebuilt 43mm forks were dropped through. The R1 also provides the front wheel and the massive six-piston calipers that now clamp a set of Metalgear 310mm gold front rotors, with pressure via new HEL lines. At the rear, everything is controlled by a custom-built for the job YSS G Series 350mm shock and that beautifully exposed wheel is from a ’99 K1200.

The factory fuel tank was in excellent condition, and with a good amount of paint stripper and sanding, could be mounted further to the rear to allow for improved steering clearance. But the hunt was on for the right tail unit to get the look Dan was after. It was “supplied through a Lithuanian company called Twisted Brothers. I looked around for a long time before deciding on this unit.” The front fender is a 3D printed item from Messner Moto in Italy, with modified mounts to make it hug the tyre. To finish off the look, Dan had Scrambler 74 make a custom numberplate bracket that neatly wraps around the tyre.

Paint can make or break such a build, but having done his research, Dan turned to an old master from his home town. Hans the “Paint Doctor” up in Maryborough has been airbrushing hot rods and choppers since the ’70s. So tasked with the job of bringing the K to life, he laid down a stunning silver base coat, over which he painted Dan’s own twist on the famous Martini stripes. He even airbrushed in cool as can be K100 and Martini racing logos, before topping it off in a glass-like 6 coat clear. To match, Jeff at MB’Z Trimming did a first-class job on the black leather seat with M Sport stitching.

Having fitted a set of Vortex clip-ons and Powerbrick V2 rearsets for controls, it was time to sink his teeth into the wiring and this was Dan’s biggest task of the entire build. Creating a number of infill plates from aluminium that sit under the frame, he was able to hide the ECU and battery and then using the Motogadget m.unit, piece together an uber neat loom. From the Rebel Moto switchgear to the Max-inc LED headlight, everything looks a million dollars and it obviously worked, with the bike starting first hit of the button.

Built in just 12 months, the bike named ‘Audrey’ honours a special family member, and with one show under its belt it’s already taken out a top trophy; bring on DGR ’22!

[ Dan’s Customs | Photos by John Downs ]