Business seems good for Dutch builders Ironwood Motorcycles. Last week it was their sweet restomod Honda that garnered a great response. This week, it’s a Flying Brick that’s reminded us how no serious custom garage collection is complete without at least one example of Bavaria’s take on the inline four. And if we had to choose one right now to add to the collection, it’d be this cafe’d ’86 K100 that would get the nod.

“Our customer, Tristan, brought his 2-year-old custom project to us to be finished in 5 weeks”, says Ironwood boss, Arjan. “On a few points, he was very clear: no fenders, useful tires, as naked as possible but still drive-able and functional. Clearly, what he wanted was more of a daily commuter than a big show bike and he was adamant as to how the bike should look after we were done with it. Luckily, there was enough room for a little of our own input and creativity.”

“Our inspiration was to create something solid and aggressive, but also decent and a little classy. We tried to achieve this with a lighter colour on the tank, combined with a brown vintage leather seat and matching grips by local upholsterer Marcel Miller”.

“We cut the frame a little, integrated a rear LED break strip and some indicators, did some powder coating, installed a few trick handmade parts and complemented them with a some bolt-ons as well. Fresh paint and a new filler cap were added to the slightly modded gas tank, which goes perfect with the brown leather seat and matching grips”.

Motogadget display is perfectly placed

“Next, we lowered the front end by about 30mm through the top yoke, milled up a nice aluminium fork brace and installed a Motogadget Motoscope Mini for the instruments. Overall, the stance is quite aggressive and the short seat makes it look a little less bulky. While it might not be as big a project as some of our other builds, we’re really happy with the end result”.

“The hardest part of the build was probably getting the LED tail light and indicators integrated into the tail hoop and looking good. As the customer had already done some prepping on the frame in advance which was a little different to what we would have done, so there was decent amount of reworking that was require to get it right”.

“Looking at it now, my favorite part is probably the Motogagdet speedo we mounted on the top yoke. It’s a nice solution to a tricky design challenge and it works really well, too”.

Looks like we’re in for nasty weather

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