It’s been quite a while between moped posts for us. As a matter of fact, we haven’t posted a single one since last year. So we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for something to redress the imbalance, and when we laid them on this little Catalonian gem from a shop that goes by the name of Vintage Addiction Crew, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It’s a rather amazing mash-up of a Derby, a KTM, and a Beta Trueba (a rather natty-looking Moto that we’d never heard of before) mixed with a touch of salt flat racing. And I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say that it’s our favourite ‘ped of 2013 so far.

“My name is Carlos (A.K.A. Xarly). I’m a guy from Barcelona, ​​Catalunya. I work fulltime in a garage as a mechanic, which leaves me nothing more than the nights and weekends to build bikes. I am passionate about engines and everything old; Volkswagen aircooleds, Porches, Vespas and Lambrettas! I’m also a big fan of kustom rods.”

“Recently, I decided to do something a little different, so I started the Vintage Addiction Crew. It’s all about restoring vintage transport and putting your whole heart and soul into each build. I hope to one day make a living doing this.”

“This is the second bike check by Vintage Addiction and it was made specifically for a moped build-off called the ‘Massive Metamorphosis Mopeds’ contest. It’s a friendly event for like-minded builders who enjoy modifying scooters. It was a great experience and I met many cool people from the scene.”

“It would not have been possible without the help of my friends, who donated their bikes for this project. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one Derby 49 cc variant, one Beta Trueba, and one KTM 80cc with the main parts being from the Derby.”

“It’s a bike inspired by Bonneville speed machines. The front wheel is from the Beta Trueba. The forks are from a KTM 80 and the ‘bars are from a Yamaha TZR. The headlight is a cast after market item with a custom support. It’s also got a handmade one litre tank, as you can probably see. The chassis and seat are also heavily customised. The rear wheel is from a Rieju Supermotard. The silencer and expansion chamber are based on a Derby and Tavi units.”

“For such a small bike to have so many build hours, especially in the installation of new forks and the central seat mod might seem a bit crazy, but the end result pleases me so much. I am very happy, which is the main thing. I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope you like it.”