There is no doubt that the advent of the internet and its rollout around the globe immediately shrunk the world into a smaller place. It’s what has made it possible for us to bring you bikes from every continent and produced by people from all walks of life. But even in 2020, its possible to slip through the cracks and the team at Incerum Customs has seemingly done just that, with a host of incredible builds going largely unnoticed. But we were quick to pay attention when the lads from Požega, Croatia, got in touch with a little teaser to reel us in. Their latest build completed for a happy customer is this stunning BMW R45 bobber that’s finished to the highest of standards and its set to put them on the map.

The display room at the Incerum Customs workshop gives you an insight into what the guys are all about. Bold bright blue couches provide a comfy place to sit, with old school memorabilia on the walls and a large fridge with a selection of your favourite drinks. But what will really grab your attention is the finished builds waiting to go to their new homes, a mix of perfectly built BMWs and Japanese bikes that have been given a total makeover in a truly unique style; one is done in a Boba Fett theme for a big Star Wars fan.

So when it came time to turn their attention to the little R45, the commuter bike of the R family, you know that despite its origins this build would leave no stone unturned. It’s one of the challenges that comes when building a custom motorcycle to a show standard, it doesn’t matter the style you choose, there can be no cutting corners and everything has to be done right. With a bobber’s minimalism that means the foundation has to be flawless and the BMW was stripped back to a bare frame to allow the boys to get to work.

With the plans drawn up the job could be attacked and the chassis was the first thing on the receiving end of an angry grinder. The majority of the work focuses on the rear end, where the once single radius curves have been given a changeup. With the tubing bent into an S shape and then sectioned in, it allows for not only a unique look but for the rear shock to mount further forward on the machine. This gives a lower ride height while still retaining a full-length shock for added comfort and the indicator posts running parallel to the backbone provide a unique visual finish.

With all the welding work complete, the full-frame and swingarm were totally smoothed out and de-tabbed before being sent out to be sandblasted for a picture perfect finish. Over the top, the guys had chosen a gloss copper and deep cream colour combination that was laid on in powder coat for these key components. Next up was to get the rest of the aesthetics right and while it might be small, the fuel tank packs one hell of a visual punch. The custom-built unit is as trick as they come with a pair of large sight glasses flawlessly recessed into the sides to show off the sloshing go gas inside.

On top, the filler neck has been extended and a custom machined screw-on cap is just right for the bobber vibe. The seat base is finished to a similar high standard, with the team’s metalwork skills again on display with a bead roller used to not only add a smooth transition to the seat itself, but also for extra strength, viewable from the underside. On top, the sectioned raw leather is placed over a polished support piece, and with not a stitch in sight, it is first class work. The paint is no different, the understated cream with copper detail applied in the neat pinstriping, headlight ring and in small splashes in just the right places.

But don’t think the mechanicals have been overlooked, as Antonio tell us the engine has been given an overhaul inside and out, with extra powering coming from a “Siebenrock complete power kit” taking capacity to 860cc. The re-jetted carbs feed the extra fuel and sport a pair of K&N pod filters, while a set of British styled peashooter mufflers kick out the sound and give a vintage touch. The electronics, however, are all modern and the spark is provided by a Startech ignition system with coils.

The new tech extends to the bars, where a host of Motogadget components take care of everything from turn signals to the speedo and even the grips. That balance of old and new continues onto the other functional parts of the build, the wheels and front suspension have been sand blasted smooth, with some parts finished in cream and others left in their natural state. While the final touches of Firestone rubber, new adjustable shocks and hand made rear brake rod show off the lad’s clever use of modern, vintage and handmade pieces to provide one cohesive product. The end result is simply flawless, there are neat little details wherever you look and the world is now on notice that Incerum Customs are here to stay.

[ Incerum CustomsInstagram | Photography by Matej Pilaš ]