After all the hoo-har of the Deus bike build last weekend I was flicking through my photos of the event and realised that amongst all the bikes entered in the competition, there was a new Deus on display. The whole gig had forced it into a bridesmaid sort of role, but none-the-less we thought it was more than worth a few pixels of Pipeburn’s time.

The custom Harley Sportster trend is something we’ve duly noted here at Pipeburn, as I’m sure you all have. More and more we are seeing custom shops and individuals turning their attention towards this particular type of Milwaukee metal. And as a card-carrying member of the “I’m Not Really Sure About Harleys” Brigade, I’m finding myself more and more intrigued.


Walking around the it in the flesh, it’s the pipes that really grab you. They have been hand-crafted to within an inch of their lives and show the work of an obvious welding genius. The matte guard over the top is a sweet finishing touch which keys in really well with the engine casing, though I can’t help but think that it’s hiding more of that beautiful metalwork.


The donor bike is a 1200cc 2004 Sportster and going by the details listed it’s a fairly light make-over rather than an engine-in-bits-on-the-floor job. It sports (pun fully intended) wide clip-ons, 16″ rims front and rear, a solo seat, custom brake hose, custom grips, alloy brake light, Storz rear sets, Ram Flow air filter, custom exhaust pipe and Deus custom paint. All yours for a cool US$29,000 – any takers?


Photos via Deus