An event like the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is always going to attract lenses. Whether they be of the mobile phone variety, the video sort or good old-fashioned SLRs, you can bet there’ll be a veritable avalanche of photos to capture the event for posterity. But it’s not all tea and cakes. The hard truth is that for the most part, the average Joe or Jane’s shots are anything but distinguished. But then again, Sydney’s Joshua Mikhaiel isn’t just any average lensman.


“Hello Pipeburn. My name’s Joshua. I picked up a camera for the first time 4 years ago as a young journalism student with some romantic notions of being a war correspondent / photojournalist who could change the world. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on photography as a way of capturing the stories that matter in the world.”


“I primarily work as a wedding photographer through the week – that’s when I’m not dreaming up my next trip to the third world to use my camera to bring back stories of hope and change.”


“I’ve been addicted to motorcycles visually since I was a young kid but I’ve been riding them for a year and a half and always looking for the next project to chop up and turn into something louder, dirtier and more offensive.”


“I love the freedom and the new relationships I’ve built around bikes. I love that I’m not locked in a car when I’m out on the road and that I can interact with people and see and smell everything that’s happening in the world. I couldn’t imagine ever hanging up my jacket.”











Like what you see? Well then, you can view the full set of Josh’s DGR shots here. And you can also follow his online antics here and here. Enjoy.