Photos and words by NinetyNineCo.

Optimism reigned supreme this week as backyard workshops across New South Wales occupied pre 90’s home-builds and excitedly tentative owners, standing hopeful that the weather would hold out for Sunday’s slide fest.

As the weekend came into focus, the only evidence of the midweek downpour was a lake of muddy water, smack-bang in the center of the Nepean Raceway. But lucky for us, that lake was surrounded by a halo of glorious dirt, just begging to be kicked up – this Sunday wasn’t going to be a day of rest.


The morning began with a thick mist and a bitter chill, soon subsiding as the sun eventually crept over the trees whilst bikes were lifted off of trailers and out of the back of vans across the carpark. The cold start didn’t deter the crowd which was out in force with prominent figures of the local scene all in attendance showing their support, and many donning jerseys and joining in the action.


After the obligatory riders briefing, head Jerkyl Andy Baker said the now infamous prayer to kick off the second Sunday Slide:

Our father who art Mert Lawwill
or Gene Romero be thy name

Thy Kinchrome come,
Thy top end rebuild done

On dirt as that is in heaven
Give us this day, one lap ahead
And forgive our bad passes
As we forgive those that bad pass against us
Lead us not into temptation
Deliver us from moderns
For thine is the 2 stroke
The power band and the oily
Dirt track for ever and ever.


Hosted by The Jerkyls, 90+ riders of all shapes and sizes were brought together to hit the track. Categorised into three groups, Wombats, Camels and Kangaroos, (or beginner, intermediate and advanced) they took their turns to give their 2-strokes all they’ve got.


A notable participant was the Sol Invictus Mercury café racer come flat tracker, that was chopped up a couple of weeks ago at the Jerkyls Slide Night. It was great to see this tough little thing zipping around the track, and you could definitely pick out the violently distinctive sound of its sawn off pipes as it brapped past.

The Sol Invictus Mercury being pushed hard by Champo.

The good guys from Rising Sun Workshop were on hand to fill people’s bellies, and after quick stop for lunch and re-watering of the track, it was straight back to it. A warm and sunny afternoon of harmless, but exhilarating fun.


After lunch, Yamaha decided it was time get their post-apocalyptic FZ1 dirty. The bike was built for the movie Mad Max Fury Road and as we soon discovered, it was also built to get sideways. Ridden by Dave McKenna who was riding this beast madder than Max, constantly sliding in and out of corners and even getting sideways on the straight – this bike was obviously a crowd pleaser.

Photo by Johnny at Fluke Shot.

It was great to see all the people get behind this day of dirt worship. It wouldn’t have been made possible without all the sponsors. Big thanks to Sol Invictus, Deus, Ducati, Yamaha and Rising Sun Workshop. The day was an absolute blast and let’s pray there’s another one planned soon. Amen.


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