It’s fair to say that any event that’s able to bring hundreds of thousands of people together for over ten years is doing something right. In such a community, surrounding and raising awareness for two deeply important causes and still growing every year, there are bound to be many inspiring individual stories that many of us can relate to. From a love of motorcycles and custom culture, to struggles and hardship experienced through mental health challenges and cancer diagnosis, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: A Decade of Dapper celebrates a decade of classic and vintage motorcycles, timeless style, and coming together for men’s health in a beautifully bound book. 

By now, we all know the history of the event. Founded in 2012, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride quickly became a global phenomenon, establishing itself as the leading motorcycling event in support of men’s health. In its first year, 3000 riders mounted their steeds in all their finery and rode together in 64 cities around the world. Riding through the years, the besuited motorcycling event has gathered hundreds of thousands of classic and vintage styled riders and raised an astounding US$38 million for prostate cancer and men’s mental health in over 800 cities around the world.

The causes that the event supports are profound and affect people from all walks of life. Mothers riding for their children, daughters riding for their fathers, sons riding for their friends, and men riding for themselves; all touched in some way by prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Over the years, stories have emerged from folks sharing why they ride, and this book retells some of those stories, reminding us all why awareness and fundraising is crucial to survival and how important community can be, while also showcasing some of the unique locations and photographs taken in the event’s 10-year history.

The limited edition hardbound book is sold only through The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride store, and only 2000 copies will be available. 232 curated pages of recounts, stories and exclusive interviews with motorcycling greats, local hosts, and riders from around the world, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride: A Decade of Dapper takes its readers through the years of its event with a compilation of photographic storytelling and tales of the bonds that have been formed within the hundreds of DGR communities around the world.

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