That’s it. I give up. I can’t write any more “humorous” intro pieces for these DP Customs bikes. The guys just work too fast for me. They are wrenching and welding at a far greater rate than my scrawny little fingers with the chewed-down nails can type. I fear that if I keep trying to keep up with them I just may do myself a serious injury – quite possibly something involving my prostrate. So in place of some elaborate opening gambit about them using alien technology or being the direct descendants of William S. Harley and making bikes true to name while the real Harley is being run by Illuminati puppets, I’ll just give it to you straight. Here’s there new bike. It’s a beauty, please enjoy.

Here’s Jarrod. “Our customer on this one is an Arizona native, and already had his donor bike. His budget was tight, so we modified the bike as much as we could without doing a full build. The DPC paint scheme is inspired by our awesome state of Arizona and her 100th birthday. We’ve really been digging matte finish clear lately so we stuck with it to enhance the white and the bright colors.”

“It’s based on a 1200cc 1999 Sportster Custom. We chopped the post shock section of the frame and hand fabricated the rear cowl/seat pan. The owner is 6’3″ so we favored the seat and cowl to give him some extra ballroom*. The DPC 2 into 1 exhaust has a custom made baffle for noise suppression. The two pipes feed into a 3″ collector which then tapers down to 2.5″ at the tip. It’s not too loud and sounds higher pitch than normal. People like it.”

“We lowered the front 2″ and raised the rear with 13.5″ Progressive shocks. We ditched the forward controls for mids and swapped out the 21″ inch front wheel and the OEM rear (it looked like a flying saucer) for 9 spoke mags and powdercoated them black.”

“We used Pirelli Sport Demon tires.The Biltwell clubman bars and Kung Fu grips feel just right. The Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner works. Lastly, we thoroughly cleaned up the OEM labyrinthth of wires and ditched the blinkers.”

*A joke for you all from Jarrod. Why are tight pants like a cheap hotel? They’ve both got no ballroom.

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