The Christmas trees have been taken down, the decorations packed away, and sadly for many the well-earned holiday break of 2021 is over. But, that means it’s a new year and we are here to fill 2022 with all of the best custom bikes from around the world. So, to start the year right we checked in with our long time friends at Moto Adonis to see what they’ve been cooking up for the holidays. Thankfully they never let us down and with a client who wanted to make the timeless mechanical package of a Ducati Monster centre stage, they set to work crafting this one-off custom that oozes Italian sex appeal.

Perhaps oozing and sex shouldn’t be used in the same sentence, I’m rusty after a rest, but the customer had sadly suffered the same fate. Running into a builder who wasn’t at the top of their game and having spent a fair sum had picked up the Monster in less than impressive condition. So it was to the Dutch outfit of Moto Adonis that he turned. “It wasn’t easy to find builders who think along with me. To really understand what my desired level of finish is and who deliver good quality as the standard.”

In addition to some mechanical work, there was “also work on the tail section and an aluminum tank, but the customer wasn’t happy with the process. That’s why we were asked to take the bike to the next level,” MA’s Arthur Renkema explains. To get everything moving in the right direction and lift the owner’s spirits, the guys decided to first turn their attention to the looks and create a Monster with a look that is complemented by old-fashioned, hand formed, bodywork. With the trellis frame one continuous piece, they’ve done an exceptional job at designing and building a tail section that works seamlessly with the factory subframe.

Next up was the tank and on a bike like this, it can be the make or break component of the entire build. Once again the trellis frame, with no simple backbone to work with, presents many a challenge. So too the need to clear the intakes and still have enough room for the electrics, but years of design experience had Moto Adonis quickly overcoming all the hurdles. The final product gives the bike bold broad shoulders, and yet clean lines that don’t overwhelm the machine. To add a little more flair, a custom alloy front cowl was formed and a new fender hand rolled.

That strip of tyre hugging metal sits on top of slick custom mounts that attach to the next major upgrade for the Monster. Fully adjustable Ohlins front forks, with low mounted bars on the risers to give the owner incredible control and feel, and the exact riding position he was after. To further enhance the front end, a big Brembo radial brake package was incorporated and those dinner plate sized floating discs are going to offer some serious stopping power.

At the rear of the machine another major change would help to elevate the build to a new level, the sourcing and fitment of a single-sided tubular swingarm from an SR4. With an Ohlins shock to tie it all together and lightweight magnesium rims to finish it off, the rolling chassis was looking the goods in all the right places. But there was one step to make it complete, “The paint job of the Ducati is also a statement. The combination of black, gold, vintage Porsche orange and grey, fits the bike and the lines of the bodywork really well!”

Now that gorgeous air-cooled L-Twin engine could get the attention that it deserved and it’s been stripped back for an internal and external make over. The internals were already mint, with overbored sleeves supporting a bigger set of pistons, and the intake modified to keep the fire fed. The exhaust is a thing of beauty, the two into two system hugging the lines of the bike close before exiting out of a set of period correct GP mufflers.

All of the little touches, like the open dry clutch, vented cases, exposed belts and mag covers make the most famous of Bologna bangers look its best. To get it all running a new loom was built and an “aluminum battery tray, electrics panel under the tank and installed a full MotoGadget system: MotoGadget m.unit, Motogadget Motoscope, mo.blaze turn signals, small Motone handlebar switches, and a new head and taillight.” It all combines flawlessly to give the best selling Ducati model a one-off look and the performance to back it up, but most importantly, the owner is over the moon.

Moto Adonis Instagram | Mad Exhausts | Photos by Lennart Stolte ]