Starting a custom motorcycle workshop that can truly provide a long-term income for its employee/s is a dream of many and yet a reality of only a few. The make or break point for those who become the industry’s success stories is often the moment of moving from the home garage into a purpose-built facility. Now it’s a full-time gig, with overheads like rent, power, machinery, insurance, and wages to pay. So, you’re going to need the right people onboard and Spain’s VooDoo Garage got the recipe right from the outset, with four men who cover every skill required. It’s resulted in some beautiful builds and their latest work of art is this stunning 2006 Ducati Monster S2R, crafted in their unique handmade style.

The team from Grenada started in 2014 in the garage of Daniel Ruiz, who has decades of experience as both a mechanic and a fabricator. With his enthusiast friends around him, it was Victor Ortiz who took the step of creating the purpose-built workshop for them all to move into, and as a mechanic with the ability to do everything electrical and tune engines, he plays a big role in the overall design of each bike. Joining them is Elvis Sanchez, a classic motorcycle specialist and restorer, and spray paint perfectionist, who can also make anything from plastic, Luis Bueno. With such a talented team in one space, they’ve crafted a style that gives every bike a truly ‘built’ and not bolted-on vibe.

Having worked their way through just about every popular donor make and model, one brand they hadn’t had a chance to work on was a Ducati. So, excitement was in the air when a client rolled in an S2R, the highest spec air-cooled Monster of its time, with a host of special parts. The design would take on VooDoo’s distinctive style, but with the owner having a very sentimental attachment to the machine, it had to retain its core components. So to start things off, a host of parts that define the lines of a Monster S2R were pulled off. Tank, seat unit, that awkward looking twin-muffler exhaust, the bikini fairing, and much more are all set aside for the owner to keep.

Now the lads could get to work, “From the beginning, the idea was quite clear, we love the retro-futuristic style on our bikes.” The first step was to create bodywork that suited this look and took the bike away from the cookie-cutter Monster appearance. That fuel tank plays an enormous role, and its Imola inspired design comes from the SportClassic range’s Paul Smart edition that was released in the same year as this S2R. The genius of its use is not only in the radical visual transformation but its ability to bolt over the distinctive trellis frame that rules out most other fuel tanks.

To add even more retro appeal, the tank has been given a Monza filler conversion, and a half strap runs down the front over a beautiful leather insert. With the tank on, a matching tail section was the next step, and absolute attention to detail was paid in all aspects of its design, so that it fits perfectly over the frame, merges with the tank with just the right panel gaps, and maintains one solid perpendicular line. The rear of the piece maintains some more of the Imola inspired look, with integrated race plates to add some necessary bulk.

The rest of the bodywork is kept relatively simple, a custom front guard hovers over the front tyre with a set of handmade mounts. While at the rear of the bike, a swingarm matching tubular number plate holder was fabricated in a very Diavel like design. Now Luis could get busy with the spray gun and the trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, and wheels are all finished in a gloss black to lay the foundation. The same hue is also used in spectacular fashion on the bodywork, with the two-tone look completed with metallic silver. The old school Ducati logos are just what the doctor ordered, and the striking three colour green to blue graphics add some extra pop.

The seat has been brilliantly stitched to match the paint scheme and completed in a very race-like twin pad style. Now the boys could turn their attention to the mechanicals and the L-Twin has been restored to its best, both in form and function. A new fuel pressure regulator ensures there is always go gas on supply and a custom set of belt covers gives the engine Voodoo’s very distinct style. But if there is one thing they are known for, it’s Daniel’s wild exhaust systems and the client wanted to be hooked up!

Whether the style is your cup of tea or not, the quality of the fabrication and welding is out of this world. The two into one system is brilliantly tig welded together using high-grade stainless and snakes back to end in a single under seat muffler that’s also hand-built.

The accessories too feature many of Voodoo’s own custom created parts, with the machined and brushed alloy peg mounts drawing inspiration from the original items, but now allowing for the fitment of fully adjustable race style rearsets. The clip-on bars wear a set of Accossato custom levers to operate the dual master cylinders and custom machined switch blocks keep the minimal effect moving forward.

The lighting is a mix of a traditional round headlight and an array of tiny LEDs, and all of the electrical hardware is hidden neatly under the tail. To complete the build, a small Motogadget speedo sits on a custom VG mount, that neatly incorporates two more buttons.

The finished product is simply stunning, underneath it’s still the client’s beloved S2R, now with a VooDoo transformation that will turn heads for decades to come.

[ Voodoo GarageInstagram – Photos by Fran Ortiz ]