New York. Probably the most famousest city in the world. Well known for it’s food, architecture, night life and it’s custom bike scene. Um, ok – you got me. So maybe the bike thing was a bit of a stretch. Now I’ve never been to the ol’ City That Never Sleeps, but at a glance it seems like pretty much exactly the wrong place a biker should be holed up in. Killer traffic. Expensive rent. Lots of cops. And the world’s largest collection of working traffic lights. But glance again, because out of the hot dog scented steam haze of a Brooklyn street comes E3 Motorcycles, and a rather lovely Honda CL.

Let’s give a warm, big apple (mmmm – waaaarm apple) welcome for David from E3. “I built this for my friend Zac who works around the corner from my garage over at Saved Tattoo. He was looking for a low displacement vintage bike to get to and from his shop. We were aiming for a rock solid daily rider for Zac to rip around Brooklyn on and decided to look for a CL100 or CL125 as a foundation.”

“Found this bike up in Mass., took a road trip, and got to work. It’s a ’71 CL100 that was broken down to the frame and rebuilt/refurbished in about 14 days time start to finish.”

“We kept things minimal and understated with the Matte Black finish. We reupholstered the stock seat pan with new vinyl that we had laser etched with Zac’s artwork.”

“It’s got all new bearings, seals, gaskets, cables, rubber components, brakes etc. Rebuilt the front end and replaced the rear suspension. Sorted out the tuning, replaced any needed OEM items, and got into a few minor mods. Nothing super crazy or fancy but the bike came out rad overall and is a pure blast to ride.”