We’ve been saying it for years now, don’t sleep on our friends in the Indonesian custom motorcycle scene; they’re innovators with a can do attitude and a willingness to push the boundaries. It seems we’re not the only ones, with the ultimate marketplace for insane custom contraptions now seeking them out too. So when TheArsenale made the call to Katalis Company just south of Jakarta, it wasn’t long before a plan was hatched to develop a bike to offer for sale to those around the globe who desire only the finest of things. The result is this stunning electric bike that combines cutting edge technology and futuristic design, infused with retro qualities, it is the Katalis EV.1000 TheArsenale special edition.

For those not in the know, TheArsenale was founded by Patrice Meignan and is a unique marketplace for independent builders and the most innovative studios in the mobility sector. With locations in Miami Beach and Macau, as well as an online store, buyers can select from the rarest machines in the industry, from custom cars and bikes, to boutique planes, boats, watches and a host of other offerings that any motor lover could desire. Want the 1994 Williams Renault Formula 1 car that won that years constructors championship? They have one for sale.

But such a collection can only stay relevant by continuing to offer the newest and most unique of products across all categories. So Frenchman Meignan having seen the EV.500 produced by Katalis sought to procure the model, but the first phone call would send things in a new direction. As Joseph Sinaga explains, “Initially, we were asked by TheArsenale to display the Katalis EV.500 in their gallery in the City of Dreams, Macau. However after some discussions, we both decided to collaborate in creating a new design, the one and only of its kind in the world.” With that the EV.1000 was born and to earn its place it had to go above and beyond what Katalis had done before.

What the EV.500 offered was the ultimate accessory for the city dweller, park it up, plug it in and in no time you’re ready to zip around the city streets. This aspect couldn’t be lost, but the team also understands the growing demand for increased performance. So the EV.1000 starts with a 1000w motor that draws its energy from a premium 48V-45Ah lithium battery. With the use of a smart programmable controller it allows the bike to be tuned for maximum effect. Delivering a top speed of 70-80km/h with 90km of range each charge.

That’s more than quick enough to hoon around the city streets and very few urban commuters will ever need to cover more than those miles in a day. But the supporting accessories also had to make the bike fun to ride and give it a sporting edge. So the frame is constructed from strong and lightweight 6061 Alloy, the same stuff they use to make the Audi R8 chassis. While the swingarm is also made from the same alloy and gives a total length similar to a Honda Grom, while the seat height is higher to give a more comfortable ride.

Over the top of it all goes the unique bodywork that looks like you’re sitting on a modern missile ready to fire you to your next location. This too is all from 6061 in thin sheet, with the headlight shrouded for a more sleek design, that continues onto the tyre hugging front fender for streamlined aerodynamics. Affixed with a combination of rivets and hex heads to access the vital components, the structure takes on elements of a vintage fighter plane and the rocket switch on the side doesn’t hurt in helping to fulfil that aesthetic.

The paint scheme was designed in conjunction with TheArsenale and the matte black with subtle graphics package offers a sinister vibe that gives the little bike a bold feel. Of course you don’t make it to the upper end of the market on looks alone and the suspension package is designed to give a comfortable yet sporty feel. USD forks in the front and covered shocks in the rear were spec’d to work with the alloy frame. While the 14in rims are not only wrapped up in a sticky set of tyres but the blacked out covers help to complete the look.

Ergonomics are spot on too, the recessed seat provides plenty of comfort in an upright position with the pegs directly below. The controls on the bars are all first class with the brake and lever package produced by new WSBK supplier to Honda, Nissin. Finally, “the instrument panel with a retro design which can be found in the EV.500 is also still present in this motorcycle.” This provides the rider with all the information they require and with online connectivity it provides everything you’d expect from a 21st century machine. The final product is something James Bond would click and collect, there’s no need for Q now! And Patrice couldn’t be happier, “The Katalis EV.1000 will be launched in our gallery in the City of Dreams on September 25th 2020.”

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