t remains a curious case study in the world of two-wheels, that unlike the car market, the strongest players in the electric motorcycle segment are smaller manufacturers. Some nations offer allowances for motorcycle manufacturers in regard to emissions, and perhaps not having the foot of government on their throat is slowing the big makers down. But they’re going to have to get their finger out, as new players are emerging and truly shaking things up. One fresh face in the market is the US outfit Real Motors, an eclectic mix of talented individuals who have pooled their knowledge and realised project ‘Ares’. A stunning electric motorcycle aimed squarely at the SuperSport category and features more than a few clever tricks up its sleeve.

But before we even look at the company, the people behind it or the technical aspects of their motorcycle, there is one very important thing about Ares. It looks absolutely stunning. Now of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all of that, but it is clear from the response on social media, that the general consensus is that this girl is gorgeous! And that’s crucial in this segment, because far too many of the current electric offerings either appear to be a BMX with a motor slapped in the frame or go the other extreme and seem to be the result of a little too much LSD in the design department.

Ares on the other hand looks like a motorcycle, just with its own unique style, similar to what you would expect from a small-scale producer of internal combustion engined bikes. And the team behind the bike gets it! “Visionaries from diverse backgrounds, including automotive, consumer electronics, and vehicle design expertise. This eclectic mix of creative talent is mirrored in the creation of Project Ares, which stands not just as a vehicle, but as a statement, a testament to the company’s philosophy that a motorcycle should be an icon that reflects one’s persona, and be an extension to one’s body.”

In short, not a BMX, but a real motorcycle with a soul, that speaks to who you are and then thrills you with its performance. And to achieve this in battery powdered form, the team has an approach they call Electric Analogue. “In essence, the ‘Electric Analogue’ concept is the Project’s call to return to the basics, where technology’s only role is to enable the thrill of the ride.” And you can see that shine through on the bike itself, while not confirmed, if you look closely you can see that the suspension and swingarm appear to be taken from a KTM. And why not? Middleweights from the Austrian manufacturer are some of the sharpest handling bikes you’ll ever ride.

The chain drive too just makes it look and feel right, and the front end sports more of the Austrian goodness, with tasty inverted WP forks and a braking package from Brembo’s little brother, ByBre. These very analogue components are then combined with an electric drivetrain which the company states produces the equivalent power to a “700cc-900cc ICE motorcycle”. Of course, the big advantage of electric is the torque and you can expect serious traffic light GP acceleration. This is nothing out of the ordinary however, it’s what we’ve come to expect from electric motorcycles with a big bike feel.

What does get us excited though is two other figures, the first of which is a 10%-80% charging time of less than 30 minutes. And the second is the exploration of a track focussed variant, with a charging time of less than 15 minutes. This would allow you to pull in, slap on a fresh set of slicks, grab a quick sip of water and be out on the circuit again, with no need to be worried that you’ll be left behind by your petrol-powered friends. Then you have the ever-present ‘range anxiety’ that always has to be discussed in the EV world. Well, ‘Ares’ has a range of just over 160km, which puts it bang on with a Kawasaki ZX6R, from the same SuperSport category the team is gunning for.

But I can’t not come full circle and arrive back at the looks, this is a motorcycle that I’d love to have parked in my garage. Just to be able to wander out and admire its beauty, in the same way I might with an MV Agusta F3. That big single light makes a statement, and it’s one I love, this is a motorcycle with a personality. The whole front end ties together beautifully, with the slick blade like fork covers that feature an integrated front fender. The main bodywork is broken up into individual panels and yet form one beautiful shape, that flows effortlessly around the engine/frame. There is just the right mix of fuel tank and belly pan styling, before sweeping back to that timeless tail section.

The ergonomics are bang on too, the seat is stylish and yet places the rider in a comfortable position, with the pegs beneath you and a drop-down reach to the clip-ons. That puts the body in the perfect position for SuperSport style riding and a simple digital dash gives you all of the information you need, and not the over the top amount of data some electric bike manufacturers try to jam in your face. There is still a lot of work to do for Real Motors before Ares gets to market, so they’re being realistic and aiming for a release in 2025. But with all that this machine has to offer, the Electric Analogue philosophy and a price tag expected under 20 grand, it’s a case of so far, very bloody good!

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