If you’re reading this article then you’re currently either plugged into a wall or holding a device with a battery providing the power. The fact is electricity drives modern society, from your home, your workplace and all the major infrastructure we rely on, and that’s been true for your entire life and you barely think twice about it. So, for this reason, the ubiquitous nature of electricity, we expect everything powered by it to be as cheap, efficient and effective as the rest of the powered devices in our lives. But personal transport has thrown up a host of challenges that are proving harder to conquer than we ever thought. So far, California company Super73 has found a way to overcome those challenges in style with its electric bikes, and it’s hoping the C1X will do the same in the motorcycle world.

Writing about electric motorcycles is a bit of a no-win situation, half the audience has already made up their mind that they’re crap, and a good percentage more has unrealistic expectations in regards to charging times, range and performance. We simply have to accept that the mass production of such vehicles is in its infancy. The British motorcycle industry was in full swing by 1910, but 50 years later, major manufacturers still had plenty of offerings that pissed oil all over your best riding jeans anytime you took one out for a ride. So to try and understand the expectations of the consumer, to see what really matters and where compromises might be ok, Super73 has been talking to its buyers.

“The engineering crew has diligently worked to create a product that keeps the end user’s experience top of mind. In order to ensure we are doing this effectively, we surveyed existing C1X reservation holders and soon found that fast-charge technology is a clear first priority for our customers interested in a Super73 motorcycle,” the Orange County based company told Pipeburn. And the latest information from the company looks promising, with news of their advanced fast-charge technology.

What does that look like in the real world? “SUPER73’s new wave of innovation eclipses anything currently on the market, with the ability to charge from 10% to 80% in only 15 minutes giving riders about 70 miles of range.” It’s a big claim, but the company has been on the mark with their range of electric bikes and has deliberately not rushed the release of the C1X. It appears they’re making the wise move of being able to back up their claims, even if that means taking longer to bring the product to market.

Two of the engineers on the project were formerly at Rivian, and the truck company’s abilities to back up its boast was clearly evident in the Long Way Up docu-series. The full battery range is expected to be around 100 miles in the urban environment, which is more than enough. While the projected top speed of 75mph or 121km/h means that adventures out on the highway shouldn’t be a problem either. Company CEO, LeGrand Crewse, seems focused on making these figures a reality for the rider. “The secret behind our innovation is the belief that the user experience should always serve as the guiding principle behind everything we create, and our electric motorcycle is no exception.”

So what else does the C1X offer, seat height is 31in which puts it just below the Ducati Scrambler and Triumph Street Twin, both very user friendly machines. Helping to keep the bike low is the use of 15in disc style wheels, with high quality Bridgestone Battlax Scooter SC2 tyres, measuring 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. The braking is handled by a single disc front and rear, with a radial caliper on the front end clamping a fairly sizeable drilled disc. The stopping performance should be what you’d expect from something like a KTM 390 Duke, so pretty good.

Speaking of KTM, the team at SUPER73 has had WP develop the suspension, and anyone with half an interest in the smaller Duke and RC range from the Austrian manufacturer will recognise the parts on each end. This is a wise decision, when you’re trying to do something bold with the powerplant, having proven technology for the supporting infrastructure is wise. And the Duke-like setup, featuring inverted forks, and a non-linkage style mono-shock rear should give sharp performance and a quality ride.

The styling is modern and has a touch of streetfighter to it, personally, I really like it, and the controls are designed to seat you for that style of urban warrior like riding too. The beefy swingarm, mask-like front end with DRLs and even that custom bike inspired subframe all add to the street cred. The side covers provide plenty of space for graphics and clearly show where the battery is mounted, with the motor hovering down near the swingarm.

All of this is to say that the C1X has great potential, and when production examples roll out for delivery in early 2024, we will be the first to provide an honest and fair assessment. But if you like what you see, for just $73, you can get yourself in line and on the waiting list today.

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