We’re proud to announce that we’ll be attending and supporting the inaugural Wildays even in Parma, Italy over three days in May 2017. While Italy has been a biking mecca for as long as anyone can remember, they have been slow to create a show that’s all their own. France has Wheels & Waves. Germany has Glemseck. And now Italy has Wildays. And not a moment too soon…

Focused on Parma’s Varano de’ Melegari circuit, it’s shaping up to be an almighty event with more things to see and do than Trump’s hairdresser. From the inside info we’ve been a party to, there’ll be camping, drag racing, a flat track, trials bikes, a bike show, a car show, some serious race track work and, as is the other main passion in this part of the world, silly amounts of good food.

Created by our good friends Marco and Phonz from Anvil Motociclette, along with Gian Maria Montacchini, we’re already getting excited and will probably lose our shit once we hit Italian soil in May. We’ll be bringing you live coverage via social media and a full wrap-up with photos aplenty once the dust has settled and the beer has been consumed.

The only problem? I only have one arse to ride with and I don’t speak a word of Italian. Let’s hope they speak the international language of throttle. If you’re interested, then best head over to their Facebook page to keep up to date. See you there!