If you’re one of the lucky ones and have bought a new motorcycle recently, you probably checked out the accessories and options brochure that all manufacturers have these days. When you did, no doubt your jaw hit the floor at some of the outrageous prices for basic bolt-ons, so what do you do when you’ve got a modern machine but want to spend that extra cash in a wiser way? If you’re in Lithuania you give Povilas at Differs Moto a call and let him create you something truly unique instead. From his workshop in the nation’s capital of Vilnius, he presents this 2016 BMW R nineT that’s been given an all-new alloy outfit.

Head to the company’s website and you quickly see the quote in bold, “You don’t have to be extravagant to enjoy being original.” Which very neatly encapsulates their philosophy to building motorcycles, minimalist changes for maximum effect. Povilas explains in more detail, “Our goal is to keep it practical, clean, and subtle, but in our own way, we sure are going to squeeze the maximum out of your bike’s design. So, for all those who are fans of the “less is more” approach, you will find our custom designs extremely satisfying.”

For the nineT that solution was to replace the bodywork, you can throw 10k worth of BMW aftermarket parts at the bike and it will still have the same lines, this approach however would give Povilas a chance to reimagine the retro remake. First, the design was sketched up and all the factory parts to be ditched were removed with the digital eraser. Then with the bike stripped down to its bare bones, glued together foam blocks were offered up and the shaping process began.

Not only does this offer the advantage of first making the shapes out of a more workable material, but you have a full-size model to give you an exact idea of how the finished product will look. With the moulds done it was time to shape the alloy and despite the awkward nature of the frame, the big fuel tank does a beautiful job of creating the effect of a much more vintage piece. The raised Monza cap helps that look along further, while the simple black leather seat plays off it perfectly.

Then to exaggerate those lines, the tail unit is slim and sleek, serving as a tracker inspired rear that also takes some influences from the dirt bike world with the underside shaped as a guard. The finish on the alloy is absolutely beautiful, with no filler or paint to mask the bodywork you can soak in the hours of toil that it takes to make metal this smooth. Before he put away the aluminium sheet, Povilas tossed the factory engine inlet aside and fashioned a new one to complete the set.

With 110hp to play with the boxer twin delivers its power all the way through the rev range and is perfect for the street. But modern Euro4 compliant engines come alive with an exhaust swap and an off the shelf Arrows system was picked up. Not only does it add 7hp and 6nm of torque, but you also save 3.5kg by ditching the stock system. But to give it a personal touch, Povilas shortened the link pipe so the end of the muffler terminates at the axle line rather than just beyond the rear of the back tyre and made an exhaust hanger to suit.

Now that he’d given the visuals an overhaul and extracted some additional ponies, the task of giving the bike the true minimal look could begin. The factory gold forks were re-anodised in black and the preload adjuster on the rear shock matches the two-tone look in raw metal. The factory lighting was ditched, tiny Kellermann LED indicators can really only be seen when illuminated, while the Koso LED headlight slots into the factory surround. With new Metzeler RaceTec tyres fitted up the spend was on budget but the transformation is brilliant. Sure you can catalogue shop, but true custom cool requires a craftsmans touch and no other nineT will ever look the same.

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