There are thousands of metaphors that can be derived from a motorcycle journey. Ted Simmons found there is no limit to adventure. Che Gavera found political motivation. Robert Persig found philosophical insight. Lost Motos has found a new approach to mental health. The void of men’s mental health has existed for many years. Lost Motos is beginning the journey to break down the stigma of opening up about men’s mental health.

The journey began in 2018 when three friends dared to change the topic of their discussion. Sentiments shifted away from the bikes they were riding towards the troubles they were having. A spark was born from engine fumes and campfires. Over two years the group of men has grown to establish an online forum to capture the safety that comes from long motorcycle rides and campfire
conversations. Members span the globe so that any time of day a problem, a solution, or an experience can be shared.

The focus isn’t about having a problem it’s about being a part of the solution. Anyone can get lost on their own journey. Lost Motos is riding the wave of positive action to find a way out. The motorcycle is a tool for adventure; mates are the components of mental maintenance. The stories told in this video are unique yet the sentiments are common; no one wants any mate to think the easiest option is to take their own life.

You can find more about Lost Motos here.

Video Production: Paste Studios
Cinematography: Alex Botton
Sound Design / Music Score: Brendon John Warner