It’s not often these days that we post videos, but sometimes something comes your way that just makes you sit up and pay attention. For us, it was an email from Tom at Brisbane’s Purpose Built Moto. Already a local Pipeburn favourite, the passion and enthusiasm we noticed as Tom told us that he’s basically gone and made a full length movie on the Australian custom bike scene was really inspiring. That fact that he’d done it on a shoestring budget just upped the ante even more.

In his own words, “We made it by interviewing and riding with some of Australia’s most interesting and influential custom bike builders. It takes a look inside the minds and garages of 7 entirely different motorcycle craftsmen, giving you an insight into the struggles, triumphs, and most importantly the creative process behind the handcrafted machine.” And the best part? They uploaded the entire thing to YouTube. Enjoy.

[ Purpose Built Moto | Electric Bubble ]