In the world of four-wheels, the Grand Tourer (GT) has a rich tradition of giving the well-heeled a stunning way to eat up a long journey both in style and comfort, while also adding plenty of performance to the mix. It’s here that the European manufacturers have ruled the roost for a century, but if motorcycles are your preferred mode of transport then it’s hard to go past V-Twin American muscle. For our friend Jeff Duval in the UK however, even getting his hands on a limited edition Harley-Davidson was not enough to satisfy his needs. So to build the ultimate GT with race-inspired credentials, he’s pieced together a kilometre cruncher using only the best bits. And this is it, a 2007 HD FXDL packing 107ci of power and earning the honour of being a true GTO.

But before we dive into this brilliant Dyna, it is worth clearing up the confusion about what GTO actually stands for. ‘Gran Turismo Omologato’, grand touring homologationroa, meaning a GT vehicle that was built in small numbers by the factory, to comply with FIA GT regulations for racing and thus features more than a little extra spice over a regular GT vehicle. And this is exactly what Jeff had in mind as he set out to build his Hog. A regular road hauler would simply never do, it had to ooze style and be capable of some serious straight-line speed.

To start the build, Jeff didn’t just use any old Dyna either and with a little help from a legend of the industry, a very special machine was sent over to the United Kingdom. “Harley-Davidson reportedly allocated ten of their FXDL Dyna Low Rider models to selected global customisers, and this example was acquired by Poole-based JETS Forever through a recommendation from the late Californian motorcycle painter, Jeff McCann.”

Being an FXDL means that straight from the factory you gain a bike with a very low seat height, ultra-relaxed ergonomics and for the time, more comfort thanks to the engine being ‘vibration-isolated’ in the way it was mounted. But that 96ci motor, even with 125nm of torque on tap at just 3000rpm, wasn’t enough for Jeff. So one of the first things he did was to source the parts to punch out the cubic capacity to a massive 107ci (1750cc). The EFI twin cam has been built by Carlo Molinaro of Zipper’s Performance, using his years of experience to create endless, reliable, power.

To dress the engine up, it features a billet primary cover and all new sprockets have been selected to convert the final drive to chain over belt. Not one to skimp on price, Jeff picked a D&D Performance Exhaust system, which are renowned for their HP-making abilities and comes built for the right model and 02 sensor location. The GTO is no lightweight creation, however, so stopping power was always going to be part of the upgrade package. And the front wears twin Kustomtec Ultra Iconic 11.5-inch floating discs, with a single unit for the rear and Beringer calipers all around.

Time to get things rolling and few outfits do wheels at the same level of quality as Performance Machine, perfect for this high-end product. To give the bike that classic look, Jeff opted for billet wire wheels, measuring a massive 21 x 3-inch front and 18 x 5.5-inch for the rear. But fitting such a big front wheel is going to impact the handling, with the trail thrown out by a mile. Most simply ignore it or go for a dodgy solution, the GTO however wears a set of stunning Battistini lead axle forks. Not only do they provide improved suspension characteristics, but the lead axle design is optioned for the exact ride height and rolling diameter, to ensure the geometry is bang on.

To bring the rear end up to scratch, there really was only ever one option, and fully adjustable Ohlins shocks provide a plush ride with excellent road holding abilities. Now attention could be turned to the looks department and it’s not a huge break from the traditional Dyna styling. One of the nice things about a Battistini fork conversion is the ability to run a standard-style front fender, while the rear has only undergone minor customisation. But it’s the paint that really transforms the visual attitude, with Image Design perfectly capturing the GTO vibe in a metallic silver with blood red and gold highlights.

The rider too has the perfect place to sit for long days in the saddle, and it was over to Danny Grey to take care of the leather upholstery. From here it is a relaxed reach to the bars decked out with Motogadget grips and underslung mirrors to keep things clean. The Beringer master cylinder and lever combo ensures a perfect feel and the mid controls reach slightly more forward for a truly relaxed riding position on the open roads. The GTO is finished off with a combined speedo/tacho GPS cluster mounted on a billet bracket, and other than the occasional glance down to check you’re not hitting the ton, there is nothing more to do that keep the Jets lit and ride off down the road on your forever adventure.

This stunning Harley is now for sale at Jets Forever.