Stuck for a Christmas gift that simultaneously doesn’t suck yet doesn’t cost a (swing) arm and a leg? Wondering how you can keep your cool looks while legless on free silly season beverages and groping that work colleague you’ve been ogling all year? Of course you are! And here’s the answer to all your little drummer boy prayers. A sleigh of freshly printed Pipeburn tees has just landed in the office – a black or grey jobby with the spiffy new Pipeburn logo printed big and bold across the chest and a white number with a sweet ass werewolf-on-a-bike design done by our good mate Steve Scott, an illustrator who’s work is not only in the Guggenheim but also commissioned by Led Zeppelin. No crap.

We’re busting a gut to make sure you can get your hot (and greasy) little hands on one before the big day. Place your order as soon as you can to make sure they’ll be under the tree in your garage come Santa time. But be quick – there’s only a few of each left as Scott and I have already given most of them away to homeless guys and random hotties on the street. No, not really.

Take me to them now >