Actor, racer and successful influencer, Thailand’s ‘Beam’ Saranyu Prachakit, lives a fast and furious lifestyle that keeps him on the go almost 24/7. So, how does he wind down and relax? Well, let’s just say he partakes daily at 4:20, and if you see a pothead matching his description – don’t call the cops – he has a prescription. But, he still needs to get from one film set to another and what better way to burn up the streets of Bangkok, than on a custom motorcycle built by his old friend Eak. So, the K-Speed master selected a 2024 Honda Grom 125 and has built a little beast that looks like a battle tank, appropriately named ‘Green Power’.

Weed jokes aside, ‘Beam’ didn’t just choose Tanadit Sarawek aka Eak because he has a global reputation for killer customs. But instead because they have a relationship that goes back years, where they have truly bonded over bikes. In fact, the first custom build that Eak ever completed was for Beam. In what would have been radical as hell at the time, K-Speed crafted a futuristic street fighter, based on a Ducati Monster, not a common bike by any stretch back then in South East Asia. Their successful careers have grown in parallel, one dominating the screen and the other the streets.

So, after all these years, why not come back together and build a cool little custom to celebrate their friendship and the things they love most. The brand new Grom 125 was sourced and it had barely turned the odometer when Eak had his boys start to rip off the bodywork and strip it down. They were intent on some weight saving, even though as a stock bike it barely tips the scales over 100kg. Next the little 12-inch rims were removed and stripped of their street tyres, while the suspension was given a basic lift.

To get the bike rolling and dress up the factory mags, they’ve been fitted with the in-house product known as ‘Diabolus wheel covers’, and it sure helps to give the bike a tougher look. But to really add the beef, a set of 12-inch IRC ‘Tractor Grip’ tyres have been fitted, their huge blocked tread pattern measuring 130/80 front and rear; serious rubber for a Grom! Having increased the unsprung mass, Eak didn’t want to see his good friend unable to stop in a hurry, so the braking has been drastically improved with Diabolus semi-floating discs at each end.

Time to give the bodywork the looks to match, and the first change was to ditch the front fender which would now never fit, and mount a new high-rise MX style unit. Above, and tucked in tight, is a small LED front headlight, considerably smaller than the factory offering, helping to further exaggerate the big tyre effect. In a similar vein, the tank cover is kept completely clean, its muscle bound shoulders enveloping the frame. To then give the entire bike even more bulk, the fitment of a belly pan helps to give the appearance of an engine with much more mass than the little single offers.

From here things are kept very neat, the side covers serving their purpose in hiding the battery and wires and the stock tail section stripped of its ugly number plate bracket. The seat is a mix of style and comfort, taken straight from the K-Speed online store, the black leather Diabolus unit is a bolt on fit and really looks the business with its square stitching. Now the panels could be popped off and the paint laid down. The guys tell us that the colour is ‘pastel green’, but we all know the leafy look when we see it.

Wanting the bike to be as fuss free as possible, Eak then instructed his team to simplify the wiring loom and they’ve even ditched the switchblocks. These have been replaced with a tiny push to start button and a simple on off switch for the headlight and indicators. Those turn signals are all absolutely tiny and of course, the lense for the taillight has been slightly smoked. To finish out the functionality of the build, new grips go onto low rise bars and some tiny mirrors are attached to the end.

To complete the Grom, you can’t have a bike called ‘Green Power’ without a seriously impressive pipe. And the only thing better than one is two, with this little Honda now barking mad, out of a twin muffler system that exits from under the seat. Now, we can’t say for certain, but this bike was only finished a few days ago and it was announced at exactly the same time in a trashy tabloid magazine, that superstar Beam has quit cannabis for good. Seems that his need for weed has been thoroughly replaced by his need for K-Speed, even if the colour reminds him of an old friend, Mary Jane.

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