The internet has not only radically changed the way we live our lives, but also how we do business and those at the vanguard continue to reap the rewards. A virtual showroom is one such advantage, lowering overheads and ensuring the customer gets the greatest bang for their buck. Washington State’s Droog Moto was an early adopter but it is their designs that set them apart. Introducing their DM-014 Version 2 Urban Fighter Series, the fastest machines available from the company in their signature dystopian style. This particular bike packs the power and electronic sophistication of a new Kawasaki Z900, into one hell of an urban assault uniform.

Run by husband and wife team Max and Erica the truly unique designs and high-end fabrication, a mix of CNC and bespoke hand built parts, are not the only thing that makes purchasing a Droog Moto an attractive proposition. The process could not be easier, simply find the style of bike you like on their website, pick what you want to be tailored to your needs and then they build it and ship it to your door, anywhere in the world. From power-packed road munchers like the 014, to its smaller cousin the 015, there are even a number of electric and minibike options. It’s urban warfare on two-wheels for the whole family.

Following on from the success of the DM-014 they’ve built an updated version. “The V2 is a fusion of agility and power. Mixed with the raw and menacing aesthetic you have a machine capable of reaching unknown limits. We take the ordinary out of your typical motorcycle build. We build our bikes with 4 simple words, Not Like The Others. Giving our machines a unique appearance and build style all while being tailor-made just for you,” Max tells us.

The bodywork is the first thing to capture your attention, in fact, if it doesn’t, it’s time to upgrade your prescription. Mounted hard against the forks the front number plate features twin slash marks, openings that allow the LED headlight to shine through in aggressive style! Neatly integrated underneath is a small front fender, while the company’s logo is CNC cut into the design. “Like all our Fighters, this one features the angular tank design this time equipped with opposing side scoops. This tank is a bit larger for a higher fuel capacity to give you plenty of range to create some chaos and show the others who’s in charge”

At the rear, you get the drastically reconstructed subframe that does away with the stock bikes’ gaudy construction and horrible tabs that are of no use on such a stripped back machine. Over the top “Pleated dual stitch seat with the comfort you deserve. Utilizing high quality foams and materials to battle against all elements and riding styles.” Underneath the sharply styled side covers not only cleans up the design but also provide a perfect place to store many of the electronic components. While meshed out lower engine covers and swingarm cowlings give a feast for the eyes inside of a cohesive design.

Utilising a modern motorcycle like the Z900 means a highly adjustable suspension suite, but like sex, just because you have the equipment doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Thankfully Droog Moto have you covered, “Suspension is dialed into the client’s specs and easily adjustable while on the go. The bike features selectable ride modes and programming to give you undefined levels of agility and performance.” With a big brake package that includes semi-floating front discs, you have the handling and stopping power to get you out of any situation.

Powering the party is the four-cylinder 946cc Kawasaki engine that depending on the riding mode selected can be anything from refined to absolutely rampant! The exhaust side of the equation barks like mad, with the Droog signature twin slash-cut outlets firing flames through the dangerous back streets. The 36mm throttle bodies take their breath via individual pod filters for an epic induction sound and properly tuned the fuelling is spot on. All blacked out and with a CNC cut radiator cover the engine is both the heart of the beast and also a seamless inclusion into the overall package.

Standing out like the proverbial dog’s appendages, the black covered wheels with menacing Continental Twin-Duro rubber gives the bike a look truly of its own. The rest of the package is kept minimal and utilitarian, with a neat but fitting rear number plate, bar end indicators and high-end digital dash feeding back all of the most relevant data. “At this point, our style is set in stone. We have designed and developed bikes to truly stand out from anything else out there. Being able to create these machines with combustion engines and electric options is amazing.” And you can join the chaos and brutality of owning such a beast by simply making a few clicks from your couch.

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