It’s that time of year again, when we get to down tools, set the out-of-office reply on our work email, and finally get a chance to put up our feet. So, you grab a drink, get yourself comfy on the couch, and then hit endless buttons on your TV remote trying to find something worth watching amongst the endless offerings in today’s digital world. It can all be a bit of a nightmare, wading through all the garbage to find a rare gem, but thankfully the good folks at Garage Movies have assembled the world’s most comprehensive library of adventure sports films and TV. And for all of us who are motorcycle mad, there is a host of amazing two-wheel content, and we’ve even got a special offer on the table for the Pipeburn faithful.

Outside of the big few streaming services, there is an endless array of startups that attempt to entice new viewers by serving a niche market. The problem is, they tend to have very few titles on offer and it can be hard to justify the cost. That’s not the case with Garage Movies, however, whose platform is jam-packed with enough content to last you a lifetime and new additions always added. From the endless array of adventure films, surfing and snow docos, amazing stories of the wildest corners of the world, and all the two and four-wheel action you can handle.

To hook you up this holiday season, the team at Garage Movies has a free 30 day trial for Pipeburn readers. All you have to do is follow the link and enter the promo code Pipeburn30. Whether you’re Isle of Man obsessed like I am and love every second of the amazing documentary TT3D: Closer to the Edge, feel like settling in for a great feature film like The Motorcycle Diaries or need your custom fix with TV shows such as Bike & Builder: the Road to Mama Tried; there really is something for everyone. But to make your experience even easier, here are six must-watch titles we highly recommend.

Leaving Tracks: This new documentary tells the remarkable life story of the highly successful financier, turned National Geographic photographer, and finally Patron saint of the custom motorcycle world, Bobby Haas. Already an intimate and compelling telling of his life, with Bobby’s recent passing this is a film that will truly pull at your heartstrings. In his quest to build his Mecca, the Haas Moto Museum, he finds love and kinship amongst the world’s best bike builders and reveals the traumas that inspired him to leave such an amazing legacy!

Oil in the Blood: In his unmissable feature-length documentary, director Gareth Maxwell Roberts, explores the recent renaissance in the custom bike world and speaks to those who define the scene. Featuring interviews with nearly 300 builders, riders, journalists, artists, and racers from all four corners of the globe, you’ll see plenty of familiar faces and find out what makes them tick. This is the film that tells the story of who we are, why we do what we do, and the common bonds that bind us together.

Wide of the Mark: The concept is simple, six Aussie mates set off on a two-wheeled adventure to tackle the unbelievable wilderness that is the Australian island of Tasmania. But despite the rugged terrain and rut-riddled roads, you won’t find a BMW GS here, the crew builds custom bikes and then push them to and beyond breaking point. With just a mud map in hand, it’s semi-organised chaos at its best, and the scenery is simply stunning. The drone footage of the mighty Jacob’s Ladder alone is worth the price of entry and watching six kick-ass customs rip it up, priceless!

Death Rides a Horse: Since the first GI’s arrived home from the Second World War, people have been adventuring down the Baja Pennisula on two-wheels. By the time the ’60s rolled around, the same pilgrimage was now also the domain of surfers. So, in the Summer of 2018, six friends, four custom bikes with surf racks, and a Chevy panel wagon made the trip to do both! Fun, thrilling, and highly entertaining, this is a film that will have you planning your own next adventure.

Finke: There and Back: Takes you directly to the centre of Australia, where the desert, heat, and sand make for some of the most uncompromising terrain on the planet, and here you’ll find the warriors of the Finke Desert Race. From KTM backed superstars like two-time Dakar Rally winner Toby Price, to back shed based single rider teams, and the ever inspiring paraplegic Isaac Elliott attempting to complete the race that he started a decade earlier; this event pushes man and machine to their absolute limit. When it all goes right, the crown of the ‘King of the Desert’ awaits, when it goes wrong, life can literally hang in the balance.

On Any Sunday: From legendary documentarian, Bruce Brown, comes the original motorcycle documentary that took the world by storm and opened the public’s eyes to the thrills and spills of the life of a motorcycle racer. In the same way that his film ‘The Endless Summer’ did for surfing, this masterpiece not only helped to chronicle that which it captured, it also helped to define its very existence! 

So with a 30 day trial on offer, an incredible lineup of films, documentaries and TV shows for your viewing pleasure, Garage Movies and Pipeburn have you covered. From one and all, a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and with the promo code Pipeburn30 enjoy the streaming service tailored to the adventure aficionado.

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