It’s with a little embarrassment and an apology to 50% of the world’s population that we admit to not having ever featured a female photographer in our regular Moto Photos weekend specials. Well, not until now that is. Our recent trip to Italy’s MBE Show uncovered many pots of internal combustion gold; Christine Gabler and her amazing collection of motorcycle photographs was probably the best of them. Often working alongside fellow German Photographer Marc Holstein, her work is a kind of revelation. No heavy Photoshop. No fashion. No pretence. Just great shots of great bikes.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi. I am Christine, a photographer and storyteller, living in Frankfurt. I got inspired to start shooting bikes about two years ago. What had started as a hobby has grown into a freelance side business. I also enjoy traveling very much. Since my stay in Japan, I have grown to love their food and it has become my favourite cuisine. I really enjoy cooking Japanese and I am trying to improve my skills.

Of all the things you could photograph, you chose motos. Why?
Because of my relationship to a long-time motorcycle addict and photographer, I somehow got drawn into the whole custom scene with a huge fascination. Motorcycles are freedom in a sense and I really love the effort and work that some guys put into their motorcycles, just to make it stand out from the masses.

Do you shoot any other subject matter?
Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I love shooting weddings and portraits, capturing the small magic moments of emotions, during a couple getting married or an adrenaline-drenched day at a motorcycle event.

What’s your go-to camera and lens?
I started shooting with a vintage manual focus Nikkor 50mm 1.4 AIS and I still love using it to this day for details and interior shots. But I also love my autofocus Canon 5D and its 35mm and 50mm lenses.

What’s the best thing about shooting motos? What’s the worse thing?
The best thing is meeting the people behind a custom bike build; the guys that put so much work into it. Their creativity, their passion. One of the best moments of last year was a boudoir shoot with a girl that posed on the bike of her boyfriend to surprise him with some very personal photos. The worst thing are probably overly crowded events.

What do you think are the current trends in your local scene?
In my opinion, the current trend is definitely going towards old-school Enduros and Dakar bikes. Even my son is riding an old Yamaha XT-500 and he loves it. I think we have seen too many cafe racers and it is time for a change.

What’s you’re favourite bike from the past few years?
My favourite bike is definitely the latest build by the Young Guns Speed Shop, a 1971 Triumph Trackmaster. I had the chance to sit on it at the MBE show and I immediately fell in love. (Watch this space – Andrew)

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