Billed by organiser Thor Drake as the ‘Best show on Earth’, the 14th annual running of the One Motorcycle Show in Portland, promised to be the biggest and the best, and visitors haven’t been let down. There were over 250 custom bikes on display parked inside the Zidell Yards on the city’s waterfront, plus a bunch of crazy cool cars, stunts, new bike demos and plenty of beer and bands. If you were lucky enough to make it to the show this year – we are super jealous – but for the rest of the world, here’s a glimpse of what you missed.

It seems word was travelling far and wide about the quality of the event that Thor and his team put on, and the mainstream media didn’t want to miss out on the action. A host of major newspapers published previews and the likes of Fox 12 Oregon’s Morning Show and their counterparts over on the CBS affiliate Koin 6, were on hand Friday morning to ensure that TV audiences could see just what the fuss is all about.

Entering the car park of the Zidell Yards, you could see that even the spectators ride some seriously cool machines, and drive some sweet Ford Trucks, kitted out to match their two-wheeled marvels. But it was once you enter the building, with its industrial almost greasy feel, that the true stars of the party were clear to see. The entrance is dotted with about as big a variety of bikes as you’re ever likely to see assembled anywhere in the world. From a wild Zero SR-X concept electric bike to a classic Guzzi cafe racer, a beautiful vintage chopper, best of British beast and what looks to be a home-built monkey bike.

As you move from one machine to the next, it is clear that at One, unity in diversity truly rules the roost. A line-up of modern Indian flat track bikes for street and strip are parked next to a really cool e-bike and when you look a little past it, you find your eyes settling on a wild vintage Ducati with a steampunk aesthetic taken to incredible heights. A ’90s Superbike and a Triumph vintage racer share a park, and the ever-popular BMW R is well represented with some truly spectacular builds.

As promised, some of the biggest names in the business are in attendance, with Dustin Kott showing off his brilliant take on the Bavarian Boxer. Then there is the metal mastery of Cristian Sosa, and a chance to see his work in the flesh is worth the price of admission alone. Want to see a weird and whacky Whizzer, there is one of those too, and the sense that everyone belongs and all are welcome makes the show a hoot for anyone who loves a scoot!

Big thank you to the talented Mr Pixelhead for the awesome shots.

[ The One Motorcycle Show | Photography by Mr Pixelhead ]