That shit’s bananas – Mark’s monkey-tanked SR

Well, it took one demolished W800, a dead monster snake, 25 steak sandwiches, one flaccid SR rear fender, 342 monkey tanks full of fuel, 18 Gigs of raw video, a roll of gaffer, 12 cameras and five bike-packed ferries, but we got there in the end. It was a killer day of sweet bikes, high drama and new friends. I know we said “annual”, but it would seem like waiting another 12 months could be too long…

Yes, I killed a W800. No, it wasn’t mine. Yes, It was owned by Kawasaki Australia. No they weren’t pissed. Yes, it cost me big time. No, Pipeburn doesn’t have insurance. Yes it was totally my fault because I ran wide on a corner and lost the front on gravel. No I will never use a freakin’ distracting cue sheet taped to my tank for directions again. Yes I’m taking requests for the bike i’ll destroy on the next ride. Address all suggestions to Thanks everyone for the help and commiserations.

Our crack video team (sometimes they smoke smack as well) was on hand to capture the beauty. It’s being lovingly crafted by Toby and Semih as we speak. I’ll then take a look at it, make some insane changes which will screw it up entirely, and post it right here for the whole world to see and exclaim, “Wow! That looks cool as hell! I wish I was there…” And you know what? We were there.

PS. Thanks Chris, Phil, and George for the photos.

The Harley before we tied the ghetto blaster playing “born to be wild” to the sissy bar

The route we chose proved to be a little more challenging that we’d imagined

Remember kids, always put style before safety when riding a motorcycle

Fire and dice

Frame is new, engine is from the 70s, registered as a ’41. Confused? We all were

A load of bull

Pierre’s black magic Beemer. And yes, the photo shoot is booked

Shiny happy petrol. Sweet bike, Mark

Harley’s reversing camera technology still needed a little work

And we all thought that Scott’s “big snake” talk was just bragging