We’re all friends here, right? And we’ve known each other for a while now. Well – I’ve got something personal that I’d like to share with you all. It’s… ah, it’s a little embarrassing. You see, sometimes, when I’m riding, I… ummm. Look, it’s like this. Sometimes when I ride I listen to music. On my iPhone. With headphones. Ahem. Yes – you heard that right. HEADPHONES.

Some people find that pretty shocking. One mate of mine (a non-rider) actually gave me a lecture. The kind that finish with the words “oh well, it’s your life” or “I hope your life insurance is all paid up.”

Others, usually the seasoned riders with the full intercontinental touring set-up, don’t bat an eyelid. They’ve been running with an intercom set-up for years and are totally comfortable with them.

When I first started riding, I’d always wear earplugs on any decent trips. Pretty soon I figured I may as well have a side of music with my hearing protection. So I started wearing canalphones under my helmet. Not too loud, mind you. Just enough to be able to hear the music and not drown out the traffic.

So where do you guys stand? Are you wired? Am I insane? Have your say in the first ever Pipeburn poll: