Motorcycle books are a dime a dozen these days, but The Racer Within is a fresh take on the custom scene – and trust me, we’ve seen our fair share. This 308-page coffee table book is a global compilation of the custom motorcycle industry’s most influential builders, photographers, events and riders, brought to life through their stories and quotes and inspiring us to ride. Combining the love of mechanics with art, photography, travel and events, the book pays homage to the new wave of custom motorcycles and their thriving subculture.

Showcasing some of the most inspiring and heart-warming stories of bikers from around the planet, each page is filled with curated motorcycle photography, with the works of some of the best custom builders in the world: Arjan Van Den Boom of Ironwood Garage, Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts, Nathan Shew of Wyld Garage and Hugo Eccles and Adam Kay of Untitled Motorcycles are all featured, amongst many more. The images really show how a piece of the owner is mapped onto these adrenaline-packed contraptions.

The world is an amazing place, with riders exploring every corner. The Racer Within recognises this and highlights some of the best places to visit, where you can replicate one of the 98 contributors’ journeys across the globe in harsh and unforgettable environments. From the Bonneville Salt Flats in Ohio to the harsh heat of the Dubai Desert, experiencing these surroundings is only made better on two wheels.

If you’re anything like me, you usually end up buying your Christmas gifts on the 24th of December. Yes, I’m one of those zombies running around the shopping mall trying to buy random – and usually useless – presents in the last-minute desperate dash. Well, if you can relate, then this oversized coffee table book is the perfect gift for that moto-obsessed friend, colleague, client, or relative – or even better, for you… because you deserve it after this year.

The book is available now to order via; and will be shipping out straight away to get these hot-off-the-press books into your hands before Christmas.