Just in the last handful of years, the legend that is Madrid-based bike builder Pepo Rosell has built around 50 complete one-off custom motorcycles. It’s not only an incredible achievement and testament to the high demand for his bikes but shows quite clearly what a fine art he has made of this game. These are no bolt-on specials, but complete custom bikes, that somehow he still manages to turn around at lightning speed. Now we are treated to another rare treat, in just the last 6 months he’s been tasked with building two Royal Enfield 650s, and they are completely unique. The latest throws off any pretence of street bike normalcy, and this here ‘Black Fury’ looks like it’s ready for a tilt at the FIM World Endurance title.

Of course, the 650cc engine of the RE doesn’t have the sting in the tail of a 220bhp superbike, but outside of that power output, ‘Black Fury’ would be the perfect weapon if the FIM ever adopted a Super Twin category like other sanctioning bodies. This is where this latest build really steps away from Pepo’s most recent RE escapade, ‘Lilith’ that we featured back in September, it had a much more street bike focus. So, with another donor 2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 acquired, it was time to rip its sedate clothes off and turn the Indian success story into a race replica for the ages.

Stripped back to the bare bones, the double-cradle frame has been seriously cut, with everything from the centre posts rearward removed. The metal around the swingarm pivot is blanked off and re-welded for extra strength and the rear motor mount given some extra metal. It’s from here that Pepo starts the all-new subframe, with the shorter bottom posts running from higher on the mainframe for a more compact appearance. The rear of the new metalwork gets the same treatment and includes a new set of shock mounts before the whole thing is painted silver.

The stock and very conventional swingarm has also been shown the door and in its place is a custom XTR-built item. Using the back arms of a Ducati Pantah piece, the reinforced cradle design not only adds strength and lowers the centre of gravity, but also gives the machine a far more race-bike feel. Every change so far is completely different to the ‘Lilith’ bike and the suspension and brake package takes it that much further. There is nothing conventional here, with Italy’s Style and Performance manufacturing a stunning set of CNC’d triple clamps, through which a set of Ohlins forks is dropped.

To match, the new shock mounts swing a set of adjustable Ohlins rear shocks, with progressive rate springs to really plant the rear tyre. The braking package is just as impressive, with Pepo opting to keep the ABS system and fitting Red FREN TUBO Kevlar lines throughout. The front stoppers are a set of big Brembo twin discs that are clamped by the Italian firm’s radial-mounted calipers. With the rear end switched to a single Brembo caliper held in place with a custom control arm and top mount, to grab the drilled disc. To up the power, a set of Brembo masters is used, the front from a Ducati 1098.

To get the project rolling the stock spoked 18in wheels find themselves surplus to requirements and have been replaced with lightweight 17in alloy rims from a Triumph Daytona 675R. They not only look the business, but the size allows for the fitment of the full array of sportbike tyres, Pepo choosing to run wide and sticky Conti Sport Attacks. The racer theme continues with a conversion to a 520 chain, using components from Regina and custom-made adjustable clip-ons to join the party. For controls, they’re all XTR CNC’d items, with Pepo’s pilot rearsets and foldable levers getting the call-up. 

The looks are a standout and use the same lightweight and quality material as any modern race machine, carbon fibre. Pepo’s tanks always steal the show, the carbon piece featuring a mix of old and new, with the clear level view worked into the side and the ACC dry brake quick fill on top. The carbon fairing is shaped by the man himself and sits on a neatly fabricated aluminium stay, with the rider peering through plexiglass. The tail section also holds the battery and even the upholstery is done in-house. The paint is by ARTENRUTA who knocks it out of the park and only the belly pan and front fender are off-the-shelf items.

To give the twin-cylinder engine a kick in the pants, Pepo pulled it apart and slotted in a set of high compression pistons and a bigger cam from the guys at S&S. A sweet set of Wolfman 2 into 1 headers absolutely scream from the XTR designed muffler by SPARK. DNA air filters allow increased airflow and then a Power Commander has been piggybacked to the ECU and tuned for maximum power. Despite the track-ready look, a host of parts from Highside, Koso and Louis are fitted to make the bike street legal. And with that ‘Black Fury’ is now fired up, ready to take on all before it, as Pepo once again shows his unique ability to craft a true race bike for the road!

XTR Pepo – Instagram | Photos by Sergio Cardeña ]