We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jed De Pyper contacted us today to tell us that his amazing Rat Harley has been stolen. Jed’s a good mate of Scott and I and he’s asked us to help him out by posting our Sydney readers for help. Naturally we said we’d do anything we could.

Here’s the lowdown. The bike was parked as shown on the Google Map below. We’re guessing it was taken at some point between midnight and dawn on Tuesday 1st/Wednesday 2nd of March. The thing is as loud as fuck and rather distinctive, so it’s a fair bet it was loaded into a van on this spot or close by. The bike has matching engine and chassis numbers; 69XLH7926. It’s number plates are RMZ-89. It’s originally a 1969 Ironhead Sportster. Note that headlight – you don’t see one of those everyday. There’s more photos of it below in it’s natural habitat just in case it jogs any memories.

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Jed’s offering anyone who can supply information that leads to it’s recovery a $1000 reward, no questions asked. If anyone out there has seen or heard anything that you think might help Jed get his bike back, please contact us here at Pipeburn as soon as you can. Confidentiality guaranteed.