Imagine, if you will, a machine that records your dreams. But not like a video recorder or a still photo. No, this machine can capture 3D information and then render it in such a way that an advanced milling machine can make real the things that only previously existed as a set of sleepy, random synapse firings inside your weird, little mind. You connect yourself to the aforementioned machine and decide to give it a bash. You nod off and soon you are in a strange world that’s half Japanese Manga and half tropical reef in which fish are the dominant species and have evolved so that they walk upright. The ruler of these fish is a giant Nemo-esque King clown fish called Kawasushi. To demonstrate his greatness he has the world’s greatest motorbike made in his likeness. And then you wake up, download the data into the milling machine and it carves this bike out of a solid block of aluminium. Meet Studio Motor’s latest dream machine, the spectacular Kawasaki GPZ600.

Here’s Studio Motor’s own Fish King, Donny Ariyanto. “Fajar Prayoga, my customer, came to my workshop and he said that he loved, loved and loved the look of the RSD Project Victory 200 bike. I thought to myself, ‘Hhhhmmmm – now this is a fuckin’ cool starting point!’”

“I laughed, ’cause it was a very different base bike to undertake a project like this on. But as a builder this an enormous challenge for me, and I loved it!”

“We made all the body ourselves (we used galvanize plate, because like I always say, “I hate fiberglass!”) and tried to made it like the customer wanted with our own added special touch. For finishing our partner, Komet Studio, used a base coat and varnish from Spies Hecker. We chose a Lamborghini Gallardo orange and a matt black for the body.”

“These are the specifications. Custom body by Studio Motor. Painting and airbrush by KOMET Studio. Front rim is a custom 17×3,5 inch with Michelin Pilot 120/60-17 rubber. Rear is a 17×6 inch with a Michelin Pilot 190/55-17. The swing arm is from a Kawasaki ZX1000. Front master & caliper are Nissin, as are the rear. The headlight projector lamp is an aftermarket job, and the exhaust system is by Flash Custom Muffler.”