There’s an interesting phenomena, the name of which I haven’t figured out yet (suggestions on the back of a stamped, self-addressed email please), that somehow dictates that any cool custom shop we stumble upon will have a back catalogue of bikes inversely proportional to the distance they are from the west. Recently found a new shop in downtown London/New York/ LA/Sydney? See that one bike they have displayed proudly in the window? It’s a safe bet it’s their only one, too. But find yourself wandering through, say, South Jakarta and the lucky money’s on any bike shop within spitting distance being a veritable custom bike factory. Like this one for instance. Downtown Bintaro’s own Studio Motor Custom Bikes. A quick skim of their website and I counted at least a dozen of the sweetest bike’s I’ve seen in a good while, including this here gem. Please give a warm, 12 bike salute to Studio Motor’s hard-working boss, Donny Ariyanto.

Here’s Mr. Donny. “My custom workshop is established since 2008 with the name STUDIO MOTOR Custom Bike at Bintaro – South Jakarta, Indonesia. Since two years ago we concentrate to built bikes with vintage look style like Bobber, Cafe Racer, Flat tracker, etc. I open my business because I have true passion in bike customizing. In the nutshell, my work is all about passion, machine and art.”

“Back to the bike, we built Honda CL350 Twin Cylinder last year. Andrew, our customer, just asked us to build it like Wrenchmonkees ‘Club Black,’ because he loved the bike. We finished the project around 3 Months after he bring the bike to my workshop.”

“And this is the specification. Body Custom by us, painting & airbrush by KOMET STUDIO. Front wheel TK JAPAN 18X3.00 + Firestone Deluxe Champion 18X4.00. Rear wheel TK Japan 18X3.50 Inch + Firestone Deluxe Champion 18X4.50. Front fork telescopic 45 mm. Swing arm is from a Honda CBR250. The rear shock is an aftermarket HD one. The headlight & indicators are aftermarket ones. The chain is from TK Japan, and the exhaust system is a custom by JET HOT.”

Oh ya, just for your info, 100% of our works were done by fire, steel and hammer. All of the fender, gas tank, body parts, all the things were hand-made from galvanized plate. No fiberglass! We hate fiberglass! :D”