T-minus 10 days and counting. Excited? Should bloody hope so! You’ll be getting wall-to-wall bikes, one of the best rides in Sydney, and that cool/slightly punk-ish feeling you can only get by riding in a pack of probably-a-little-too-loud motorbikes on public roads. Miss it and you’ll be crying into that pillow of yours – you know, the one covered with cute little teady bear cafe racers. So don’t risk a massive-ish laundry bill and those unsightly red eyes; get your metallic moving machine and your silly-ass self down to the Kirrawee BP service station at 9am on Sunday December 4th for a 9:30 start. If you missed the original post check it out here to get all the detailed, er, details. As always, if the weather looks iffy be sure and check out our Facebook page the night before to get the final thumbs up or down.

Live overseas? You better start riding right about now. And remember, if you get up enough speed and hit the water just right, you’ll be able to ride all the way here without getting wet. Honestly.